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I had the worst experience.I went to get my oil changed.They found 4 things wrong but told me their mechanics didn't know what they were doing so they would go out and check.Came back, Yep, your car needs 4 things.I just wanted an Oil change!Soooo,I take it to a real mechanic..turns out there is nothing wrong with my car.Except,I had no transmission fluid.Turns out Big O tires tells me I need transmission 'service' but my car was completely messed up as soon as I left. Guess they drained far too much transmission fluid out of my car, they thought they'd only drain a bit of fluid out and tell me I needed service.

They burned up my transmission, now it's going to cost 2500 dollars. I'm..very..upset.They said..sorry..and offered me a free oil change. I would do it, because Im not ever going to let you touch my car ever again! They said...well..that's it.

That's all I got for ya.

Sorry about the transmission. How do you like that for standing behind your work?

Review about: Big O Tires Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Pittsford, Vermont, United States #228153

Um ya, that's some b.s. Ya I'm from San Diego, and I love my county and all, but sometimes you get royally screwed by people. I would bring their a**es down.

I had something very similar happen to me about a year ago and lost out on so much, and I swore that was never gonna happen again. Screw that.

Dude, get an attorney and go about it the right way, get your money back.

Here, this is my website

No B.S. This is why I don't worry as much anymore.

Don't let that happen again.


take them to court and make them pay for wrecking your trany.

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